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Pocket Planner

Productivity in your pocket

Introducing the Pocket Planner by J B Welly.

Stay on top of everything with a planner that’s as handy as a phone.  Each notebook is ideal for 1 month of planning. It has 48 pages and includes all the tools you need to be the master of your days.

The tools

The first page is the table of contents of your planner . Every page is numbered so you can write the page number of where important stuff is located.

There’s a calendar spread with 6 weeks. It’s undated so you can start anytime you want. Simply number out the days for a quick calendar view of what’s ahead.


Next are 6 weekly planning spreads. Use these to write down upcoming tasks or events for the days and weeks ahead. Each weekly spread has the weekdays on the left and the weekend days on the right. It’s really easy to see how the week’s shaping up this way. There’s also extra space for weekly items that don’t belong to a specific day.

Weekly-dot page.jpg

Next are 32 pages of Dot Grid for your daily to-dos and notes. This is where it all comes together. Each day start a new page and write down the tasks you have in your head for that day. Then copy items from your spreads for that day too, and any unfinished tasks from the day before. Presto, you have in front of you exactly what you have to do that day, and nothing is forgotten. Check things off as you do them.

Habit Tracker.jpg

The last page is a habit tracker. There’s room to track 12 things and the page adapts to any month. This is a great way to visualize how you are doing overall on important things like exercise, diet, mood, days worked, sleep patterns, or anything else you want to track. Take it to the next level by using colored markers.

The Pocket Planner is available as a PDF Printable that you can print at home! :)

Pocket Planner PDF

Here is a printable PDF all setup and ready for you to print at home.

To make your pocket planner:

!. Print this PDF 2-sided on your printer.

2. Fold in half and trim to 3 1/2 x 5 1/2, staple twice along the fold.

That’s it! Add a cover if you want. Enjoy being productive! :)

PPF includes:

  • Index page

  • Numbered Pages

  • 6 Weeks Undated Calendar View

  • 6 Undated Weekly Spreads

  • 32 Dot Grid Pages

  • 12 Item Habit Tracker

  • Uses 12 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 in. Letter-sized paper

Learn more about the Pocket Planner here.

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Printable Sheets.jpg

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