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Monthly Pocket Notebook - May 2019

Pocket Notebooks

Notebook designs by J B Welly.

Monthly Pocket Notebook - May 2019


Monthly Pocket Notebook - May 2019


Each month J B Welly automatically sends you a new and different pocket notebook in the mail. At 3.5 x 5.5 in. they are the perfect size to carry around in a bag or pocket. Use them for your daily to-dos, shopping lists, sketches, phone numbers, bright ideas, and whatever else comes up. They are 48 pages and made of the best American-made fountain pen-friendly paper, or high quality drawing paper. I’ll do my best to make the coolest covers I can, and I hope you find them a handy and useful part of your everyday life.

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Pictured here is the very first edition - #1 Yellow Tulips, and it will be mailed the first week of May, 2019.

* Currently only open to US customers.

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