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About WellyBooks


WellyBooks are awesome A5 size booklets. They’re made with the highest quality writing paper, have a ribbon page marker, fold-out back cover, and are bound with copper wire staples.


Personal A5 Size

A5 is the perfect size for a personal notebook. At 5 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches (148mm x 210mm), WellyBooks will fit easily into any bag, onto any desk, and accompany you throughout the activities of your day.


Perfect for travelers-Style notebooks


Sometimes you want to separate things into more than one notebook, but still want to keep everything together.  The increasingly popular traveler-style notebooks makes it possible to have more than one notebook in a single leather binder*.  The individual notebooks inside are referred to as “inserts,” and are held into the cover by elastic bands. Inserts come in a wide variety of page formats and you can mix and match inserts to create your own custom notebook with as many sections as you want. And as your needs change, you can add, remove, and reorganize inserts with ease.

This system is fabulous, and magically transforms you into an organizational wizard.  The only problem is that most inserts available are made of low quality paper and are missing some important features. 

I made WellyBooks for people like me, who love travelers-style notebooks, but who also love things like numbered pages, ribbon page markers, and luscious writing paper.


Elastic companion


Ever wondered what else you can do with your notebook’s elastic band? WellyBooks slide nicely right in and become the perfect “companion” journal. This can be super handy! Imagine being able to take a 6 month planner with you everywhere you take your journal! Or keep your latest story ideas or project outlines attached to your daily agenda and notes. Whatever areas of your life would be best kept together, having a companion WellyBook as BFF to your main journal has so many advantages!


From me to you


I’ve tried to make WellyBooks the absolute best booklets you can buy, while also taking care of the Earth, our home. The paper was made in the USA using 100% wind power, and the pulp is from American FSC Sustainable Forests. The booklets are printed and assembled in Seattle, WA.

I’m proud to bring these booklets to you, and I hope they become a wonderful place for the important things in your life, just as they are in mine.


*The leather cover shown is from Chic Sparrow, located in Spokane, WA, who I highly recommend.

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