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Morning in the cafe

John Wells

This morning I went to the little cafe around the corner, as I do almost every day. I sipped coffee and watched the world around me. It was a cozy table in the corner for just me, my thoughts, and my trusty notebook. As I sipped, I went through my tasks and upcoming events, and got everything organized into a perfect itinerary for the next few days. Then I journaled a few minutes about some of the things I've been thinking about, and glanced over some of my recent journal entries to help gather my thoughts about all the stuff that is happening right now. The coffee was just delicious, and the morning was fresh and sunny. I checked my trackers to make sure I'm making progress on my goals, and wrote down some notes for an upcoming meeting. As I neared the end of my cup, I sat back and watched, with a calm mind, the ebb and flow of people going places and doing things, and drew pictures with my Faber-Castell brush pens. Thanks to my notebook, I know exactly what the rest of my day is going to be like, and I know I can take a few minutes to work on my drawing skills. 


John Wells

When she finally caught up with him, he was selling fresh fruit in the market. The Silk Road was having a particularly hot and dry year and his pomegranates were just what everyone was craving. But that's not why Eleanor was there. Working her way through the crowd, she turned to him, "My story is stuck in my head -- the places I've been and the people I've met, they must be written about, and pictures must be drawn, or they will vanish forever."

The old man, the merchant, pulled a box of Blackwing Volume 205 pencils from under the counter. "These are the treasures you seek. They will free your mind and record every detail of your fabulous life." he said. 

New to the store

I'm so excited to now offer beautiful products from Rhodia. They come in some truly beautiful colors, use high quality materials, and use the luscious Clairefontaine vellum paper, made in France, that is praised by fountain pen lovers everywhere.  They are a stationery lover's delight, and a joy to use. 

Coming soon...

Some Lines a Day: a 5 year journal of your daily thoughts.

I have a shipment of these great notebooks on the way. They will be available in Nordic Blue, Sand, and Orange, with Black to follow soon. Writing at least a few lines a day about our thoughts and feelings is known to bring clarity to our lives, and a deeper understanding of who we are and what we really care about. These notebooks are intended for those who don't necessarily want to keep a full journal, but still want to enjoy the benefits of daily journaling. Leuchtturm1917 has created "Some Lines a Day," a notebook to make it easy and  pleasurable to record the next 5 years.

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